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                1. Hello, Welcome toShanghai Weighing Peak M&E Co., Ltd!
                  Service Call:021-5959 2622/5959 2633/5959 2655


                  • Standard truck scale(Inland)

                    Standard truck scale(Inland)

                    Standard t...
                  • Weigh bridge truck scale for export

                    Weigh bridge truck scale for export

                    Fully cons...
                  • Movable Truck scale

                    Movable Truck scale

                    Platform ...
                  • Short platform truck scale

                    Short platform truck scale

                    Short plat...

                  About us

                  Since its inception, Shanghai Weighing Peak M&E Co., Ltd. has followed a policy of "excellent, honest and trustworthy" and the idea of "integrated channel resources to promote the development of the industry" and unremitting efforts, our purpose is: "to forge ahead, Fait...